Saint Martha Parish

St. Martha Prayer Shawl Ministry

We are a Ministry of Saint Martha’s Parish.  The reason the prayer shawl ministry has been embraced by so many people around the world is that its guiding force is spiritual lead.  The group gathers together to pray, knit and crochet while thinking of the recipient that will be receiving the shawl.

Shawls are given in times of great sorrow and loss, comforting recipients stricken with illness, soothing recipients undergoing surgery and medical treatment.  They are also given in time of celebration as well, for weddings, special anniversaries, ordinations, and other important life events. 

 Shawls can be warm hugs of happiness, empathy and support; a private place of escape in which to rest relax and renew; something to hold onto when all else seems to be slipping away.

The prayer shawls are blessed during a specific Mass by a priest.  Shawls have an attached medal of St. Martha along with a tag which has the date the shawl was blessed.

How to obtain a prayer shawl
Within the spirit of making the shawls, we cannot charge the requestor for them because they are blessed by the church; however, we do accept donations for them.  Monies received are used to purchase yarn for our volunteers so that they may continue to make shawls using only their creativity and prayers.  If you would like to have a shawl to give to someone just contact Betty Joaquim at 860-745-2667.  


ENFIELD, CT                                       860-745-5616